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About Us

The Catalyst That Enables Institutions To Achieve Their Video Strategies

Ivme Video Platform, which started to grow in the field of video analytics and video ads in 2008, has developed itself each year more with its 100% domestic/ national capital and software team by following the technology closely, and  added different solutions into the platform such as Video Conference, Virtual Classroom/ Webinar, Video Portal/ Live Streaming and Remote Education System. Solutions offered in the platform offer a wide range of solutions by using different combinations.

The solutions offered by the modules of our product;

  • With Video Conferencing System, you can make audio and video calls through mobile devices and computers between different points and enjoy video conferencing features such as desktop/ document sharing, conference recording, messaging, SIP and remote desktop control etc. during imaging. Our product is completely software based and has no hardware dependency (camera, microphone, TV etc.).
  • With the Virtual Classroom/ Webinar, you can give interactive and online trainings, get questions/ answers, record your trainings and have the participants watch them later.
  • With the Video Portal and Live Streaming System, you can archive your video content by making different categories and tagging, monitor them from inside and outside the organization uninterruptedly, have live streaming sharing feature at remote locations, and manage and stream these videos both on the web and mobile environment. This product allows you to create your corporate video portal infrastructure (such as corporate Youtube).
  • With the Remote Education Portal, you can manage all the training processes in your institution online, and provide certification to your users by providing training through remote learning. You can also monitor demand/ application collection, quota, location, absenteeism, exam and trainer competence in terms of the planning of physical trainings organized within the institution. You can present video content and LMS content (SCORM) simultaneously within the training portal.